We offer a range of financial planner authorisations designed to meet the specific needs of your practice, which means you will have a partner that can grow and adapt to your changing business needs and advice specialisations.

The options we offer, are driven by three key drivers:

  • Experienced and appropriately qualified financial planners need access to a full and flexible licence that allows them to always provide advice in the best interests of the client.
  • The advice area of SMSF is increasingly complex and specialising in this area is not uncommon, but in fact is encouraged. We have options.
  • Solid mentoring and business coaching is paramount to creating quality financial planners of the future.

Our tiered authorisation solutions

Full authorisation: This is our comprehensive authorisation that gives you the ability to provide personal financial advice and strategies and recommend financial products that feature on our approved product list (according to the conditions of your licensee agreement).

SMSF specialist authorisation: For accountants who want to provide SMSF advice, this authorisation allows you to provide strategic advice about superannuation and self-managed superannuation funds, including class of product advice.

Provisional authorisation: Our provisional authorisation is designed for junior financial planners who want to provide general advice or personal advice that is closely supervised by a senior financial planner who holds our full authorisation. A minimum of one year's relevant financial planning experience is required for this authorisation.

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