Through a mix of professional development (PD) days, conference, webinars, online articles and specialist forums, we provide you with quality and relevant training to ensure you continually increase your knowledge and meet your ongoing training requirements.

Our PD program is diverse and covers a range of topics including portfolio management, economic updates, compliance, practice management, SMSF, risk, aged care and estate planning. Our events are highly strategic and technical in content and allow for extensive networking and peer-to-peer sharing.

Accountant and SMSF training

At our annual conference we provide a separate accountant and SMSF training stream to ensure both our financial planners and their aligned accountants have access to quality SMSF strategic accounting. Regardless of whether you are an SMSF licensed accountant or not, if you are aligned to one of our financial planning practices, we invite you to participate in our conference.

As an SMSF licensed accountant, you will also have access to the Kaplan online article database providing you with an extensive range of training modules in areas such as SMSF and superannuation, personal taxation issues, estate planning, aged care, practice management and ethics to name a few. We also provide access to topical webinars and specialist forums throughout the year.

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Flexible licensing options to fit your business

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Catalyst for financial planners

The program provides modules that gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to identify and harness their potential through the implementation of Catalyst consulting modules.

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