Having adequate life insurance cover provides you and your family with financial protection in the event of unexpected death, illness, injury or a major health catastrophe (such as disablement, a heart attack or cancer).

Life is full of unforeseen circumstances which can affect your plans. Life insurance may help you to meet your financial goals and obligations if you lose your ability to earn an income. It provides you with peace of mind and aims to remove or reduce the financial stress that inevitably occurs as a result of these events.

The main types of insurance cover are:

  • Life insurance cover
  • Total and permanent disablement cover
  • Trauma (crisis) insurance cover
  • Income protection

It's important to understand your cover as it may help you avoid any complications if you or your estate needs to make a claim. You should read and understand the product disclosure statement along with the entire policy document. If there's something you are unsure about, ask your financial planner to clarify it for you.

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