IOOF group

Lonsdale is part of the IOOF group (IOOF group comprises of IOOF Holdings Ltd and its subsidiaries).

The IOOF group has been helping Australians secure their financial future for more than 150 years and as one of Australia's largest financial services companies, offers a full range of products and services, including financial advice, platform management and administration, investment management and trustee services.

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IOOF Alliances

IOOF Alliances supports a number of self-licensed, boutique planning practices who utilise some of IOOF's licensee solutions.

With over 50 aligned practices, IOOF Alliances supports these groups by allowing them to take advantage of networking opportunities, leveraging many of the structured professional development (PD) events through Lonsdale, including PD programs and an annual conference.

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IOOF Foundation

Like us, the IOOF Foundation is part of the IOOF group.   Established in 2002, at the time of IOOF's demutualisation, the IOOF Foundation is the not-for-profit arm of the wider IOOF group and recognises the historical origins of IOOF and the important role it has played in the Australian community since 1846.

Dedicated to making a difference to the community in which we live, the IOOF Foundation allocates time and effort in researching potential grant recipients in the following areas:

  • Disadvantaged families
  • Aged care
  • Disadvantaged children and youth.

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