Celebrating 30 years of partnership, professionalism and community

Lonsdale has been working with accountants to build their aligned financial planning businesses for 30 years.

Our experience in this area means we understand what it takes for accounting practices to establish and execute their financial planning and strategic advice businesses, giving them the tools and resources they need for long term growth and success. 

In 1985 Lonsdale Financial Group (Lonsdale) was established in Geelong, Victoria. The two founding members, Andrew Wheeler, a practising financial planner/accountant and Richard Mika, a software/programming consultant developed the business to provide research and software solutions to financial planning practices.

The name was chosen after a street in Melbourne "Lonsdale Street" which in turn had been named after a Captain William Lonsdale who was the first Police Magistrate of Port Phillip (1836).

A joint venture was agreed with McCaughan Dyson (which since became ANZ McCaughans and ANZ Securities) whereby Lonsdale would develop and sell the software, and ANZ would provide the research and investment input together with brokerage processes and collecting. 

Lonsdale's first conference was held in Frankston in 1986 for approximately 40 delegates. Today, this has grown to around 200 attendees and has been held in many cultural locations such as Beijing, Fiji, Darwin, Hayman Island, Perth & Ho Chi Minh City.

When the sharemarket went through a period of realignment in 1991, ANZ decided to move out of non-core businesses with financial services being one of them. While McCaughan did not see much prospect for the survival of financial planning as a stand-alone business, they provided Lonsdale with the opportunity of taking over the business.

In 1993, a decision was made to become a member of the Australian Stock Exchange and set up a stand-alone broking company subsidiary called Lonsdale Securities.  Lonsdale became a member of the Australian Stock Exchange. A stand-alone broking company subsidiary, Lonsdale Securities (now Lonsec) was established.

In the second half of 1996, due to the diverging interests of some of the key players and difficulty of funding the acquisition of shares at agreed values, Lonsdale was put up for sale. Zurich Australia (Zurich) acquired an equity position in Lonsdale in 1997 and in 2000 moved to 100% ownership.

In 2006, Lonsdale, through the long association with accounting firms and the growing SMSF market, identified a need for a limited licence that would enable accountants to provide strategic advice to SMSF trustees without the need to be a fully licensed financial planner.

In 2007, after 10 years of equity association with Zurich, DKN Financial Group (DKN) acquired Lonsdale. DKN was comprised of self-licensed financial planning practices and through the scale and buying power of the combined group, provided quality platform solutions to the Lonsdale financial planners.

In 2011, IOOF Holdings Ltd acquired DKN. Due to its rich history and culture, the Lonsdale brand was retained and DKN re-branded was renamed IOOF Alliances.

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